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How to Analyse Your Forex Trading Results

As a trader, you need to know what statistical measures give you the best results. Here are a few suggestions. They may be obvious areas to look at, but anything to help that P & L is good. I found that I made significant improvements by looking deep into how I traded.

Technical Analysis Course – About Maxims

A technical analysis course will teach you that there is some old saying that will justify almost anything. There is always an equally plausible maxim that appears to justify diametrically opposed actions.

Discover the Best Forex Software and Start Trading Today!

Getting ahead in the forex market has always been a tall order for beginners. In the first place, the sheer knowledge required is daunting and, even though you might know that the forex market is truly a pot of gold waiting to be tapped into, you probably also know that you don’t have the know-how to take advantage of it!

Analyze the FAP Turbo’s Main Trading Core in Order to Test What it Can Deliver

Years of experience as a forex trader do not ensure trading success for anyone. One major obstacle I have always observed before achieving successful forex trading is the mistake of considering all trades as successful trades. A typical forex trader would wait for a perfect trading set up, fixing his eyes on maximum profit in the process. I cannot blame these traders for developing this type of mindset.

Forex Secrets For a Successful Trading Experience

A quick search on the internet results in tons of links to programs that claim to possess the knowledge of Forex Secrets. They claim even further that by using their programs one can start trading Forex and immediately realize profits. Two things make me wonder: if such secrets really exist, and possessing them can generate tons of money when trading Forex, why don’t they just keep the secrets to themselves and trade their accounts; why do they need to ask for your money? And secondly, why is it that, according to statistics, over 90% of Forex traders lose their entire account in less than three months?

Firsthand Review of the FAP Turbo From a Trader Who Experienced Success From It

Before I made the decision to go for the FAP Turbo, I made sure I spend considerable time in knowing more information about its creators, as well. Based on the study I have completed, Ulrich has a positive reputation and credibility as an open source programmer, Mike has been known to be a complex math wizard and of course, Steve Carletti is the lead developer.

MetaTrader Expert Advisors – Automated Forex Trading System

The automatic Forex trading system does the main decision-making for you. The system calculates the trades that will make you the most money and makes them for you. The system runs all the time, whether it’s ten at night or five in the morning.

Is There a Such a Thing As the “Best” Time to Trade Forex?

One of the most commonly asked questions by novice currency traders is probably “When is the best time to trade Forex?” Well, most experienced traders will tell you that there are no definitive answer to this subjective question as the currency markets are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Anytime is a good time to trade as long as there is an opportunity to allow you to enter a trade.

The Forex No Loss Robot – A Myth?

Business men have fantasized of a perfect automated program, a system that with its artificial intelligence, would make the right decisions and predict the correct direction and trends of the market. A system that would work on its own, true glory!

Master These Highly Profitable Harami Candlestick Patterns

There are simple as well as complex candlestick patterns. There are single stick, two stick as well as three stick candlestick patterns. Harami is a two stick candlestick pattern. Two stick patterns take two days to form on daily charts. A Harami is formed when the first day candle is longer than the second day candle. Harami can be bullish as well as bearish!

Stock Trading Vs Forex Trading – 3 Key Factors You Should Consider

The newbie trader is facing his most important choice in his road to success or total failure, which market to choose, forex or stock trading. These fundamentals will help you decide.

Do I Have to Be a Forex Trading Expert Before I Can Start Making a Consistent Profit Out of It?

Both veteran traders and newbie traders want something in common out of the industry of currency, to take stock trading seriously and earn a bigger amount of profit out of it. Whether trading has become your bread and butter or whether you are in it to earn extra, the stock market is not such a very kind market for those who are clueless. It goes without saying, only those with substantial knowledge and experience survive the industry.

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