Ripple Founder Admits Bitcoin NOT Controlled By 50 People!!

Be Number One Among the Foreign Exchange Traders

Many are out there in the forex trade wondering how to become number one among the foreign exchange traders. Here are few tips to earn good revenue from the forex currency trading.

The Best Way to Trade With MACD Indicator

The MACD indicator is one of my favourite indicators among so many different indicators and it has never been omitted from any one of my trading strategies. Read on to know why?

Tips on Picking the Best FX Trading Platforms

Are you trying to decide which are the best FX trading platforms? It’s very important. In fact, it can be the difference between success and failure with your Forex trades.

Extended Forex Trading Hours

As all of us know, forex currency is the buying of the currency of a country in lieu of the selling of the currency of the other country. The forex trade happens all around the globe through online trading nowadays. The trade can be done from any corner of the world at any time. In fact there is no fixed time for the trade.

Finding Good Forex Training

Forex Training comes in many forms; personal one on one training, self training over the internet, group webinars, spread betting platforms, forex forums and clubs. The problem is that none of the above are regulated by any particular education body, so it is difficult to know if the training you are getting is in fact any good or in some cases relevant at all. One of the best forms of training is to be taught one on one by a professional trader that can show you a history of success; this training can of cause be very expensive and…

Forex Robot Software – Doubles Real Money Accounts in Months

Forex robot software is software for trading, where the currency is quoted automatically without human intervention. The software is based on the very special and algorithms.

What’s Forex Trading Exactly?

Foreign exchange market, FX and Forex market all refer to the trading that takes place in the international market, trading of currencies between two countries, and is known and referred to as Forex trading. Before entering the Forex market it is advisable to first do some research on your own in order to understand the risk and benefits of the trade. If you are well equipped, in terms of knowledge then it becomes easier for you to understand the conversation that takes place between you and the broker.

Forex Market – A Little Background

First we need to understand what happens in the Forex market. Currencies in pairs, between or of two different countries are involved in the Forex market and this is traded which is known as Forex trading.

How to Handle Randomness and Uncertainty As Building Blocks of a Successful Forex Trading System

It remains an interesting, and costly, fact that while most people of average intelligence acknowledge the role of randomness in markets, they don’t trade as if they do. Why?

Why People Fail at Forex

Many people fail at forex. But why? What are the main reasons for forex failure?

Forex Moving Averages

Moving averages have been used in financial markets since technical data began and is probably still the most used trading signal used today. A moving average is an average of a moving body of data and is calculated by adding the closing prices of the time framed used together and then divided by the size of the moving average used.

Can You Win Out a Forex Broker? – Seriously?

Skeptical? I would be. After all it’s a little hard to believe that a Forex Robot could be 100% undetectable to a Forex Broker is it not?

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